The urge to build is an inevitable aspect of human nature. At every single stage in human history, people have felt the need for a shelter, a cabin or a place to “settle”.
In recent years, my work has explored the relationship between materials, space, surface and colour. Revisiting the aesthetic principles of the Bauhaus, that relationship has grown and evolved from the work of fundamental names in construction-deconstruction-destruction, like Gordon Matta-Clark or Imi Knoebel. I’m building a kind of de-architecture, designing spaces that make us think about the “city” and its constant urban renewal. In this game of pictorial deconstruction, I attempt to articulate and define places or spaces as a cartographer of the outskirts, the peripheries, the uninhabited zones. These works always follow the progression of a geometric line that begins with Mondrian and Malevich and includes Palazuelo and Sarah Morris. Working from these sources, matter takes up more and more space in both painting and sculpture. Memory, the genesis of my oeuvre, and the search for countless construction materials (virtually any material can be used to build a shelter) drive me to explore new avenues for a corpus in which architecture, remembrance and transience come to the fore, transcending the aesthetics of the visual and pure materiality.
The assemblages and sculptures are the result of collecting all sorts of materials, from corrugated sheet metal to cardboard and used wood pieces. I try to fit them together perfectly and give them a purpose other than that for which they were made, a process in which the work is constructed by intentional chance.



Encofrado 11 (2013)
Estructura flotante (2015)
Espacio disponible (2009)
LIVE 4 (2012–2014)
Strûts (2016)
Strûts (2016)
Tetris 01 (2011)
Refugio para una persona (2014)