Rubén Guerrero

Rubén Guerrero (Utrera, Seville, 1976) lives and works in Seville. He is the leading member of a generation of Andalusian painters who are pushing the boundaries of painting and exploring new avenues of possibility, making painting a radically contemporary discipline.
His images consist of fragmented realities which, when transferred to two dimensions, construct a parallel reality where each plane contains hundreds of layers, eminently material realities. Rubén’s painting is matter: it covers and smothers the canvas, which becomes a mere support, because his interest lies in the interstices of painting.


Sin título (Estratégico y darwiniano) (2014)
Sin Título (2ª Idée de peinture) (2014)
Sin Título (Thinking of painting) (2013)
Composición con amarillo (2015)
Sin título (Estilo conjetura) (2015)
Sin título (La Medición) (2016)
Sin título (a(bc)) (2015)
Sin título (2014)