Paula Anta

Paula Anta creates series from narratives that she later constructs and develops in situ, usually staging scenes in the form of installations to create the final image. The relationship between nature and artificiality, manmade structures, history and travel are milestones that mark her creative trajectory, but perhaps the most salient aspect of Anta’s oeuvre is a conceptual focus on revealing the meaning of each landscape as a cultural fact in and of itself.



Pterophyta. Serie Börus (2009)
Vernonia. Serie Börus (2008)
Edera 10. Serie Edera (2012)
Douda. Serie Hendu (2014)
Arbre 01. Serie L´Architecture des Arbres (2013)
Mapora_Madrid. Serie Palmehuset (2007)
Busan 01. Paraísos Artificiales (2008)
Giza 01_Egipto. Serie Rutas Negras (2011)