Laura Torrado

When faced with the images Laura Torrado constructs, viewers are assailed by doubts. Her creations are seductive and at times deceptively simple, making us think they are easy to penetrate and decipher, but we soon realise that this first impression is misleading. Her narratives put up resistance—and I use the word narratives because “something” is always happening in those scenes, though it’s hard to say exactly what. We get the impression that we’re only seeing bits and pieces of a tale, snippets of dense stories whose meaning eludes us. We seem to be witnessing a moment frozen in time, a time without a precise plot that becomes a suggestion of situations, memories, emotions, fears, dreams … The vagueness of those images makes us uneasy, but it also offers us an open field on which to project and weave our own stories.

“La tormenta en los ojos”, Alicia Murría. Interview with Laura Torrado in La oscuridad natural de las cosas, catalogue of the exhibition curated by Mariano Navarro