Itziar Okariz

“There are works, or points in your work, that open up new places or realms of knowledge. […]
If I identify concepts, or specific fields of knowledge, then I’m restricting the interpretation of my work to those fields and not others, In a way, I’d prefer not to, because I’m of the opinion that it’s better to protect the specificity of my work in art by maintaining that degree of resistance to interpretation.”



Uno, uno, dos, uno… (2012)
Irrintzi Repetition (2009)
Red Light (1995)
Trepar edificios (2003)
Mear en espacios públicos o privados. Brooklyn Bridge, New York (2002)
Variation sur la même t´aime (1992)
Costuras de 9 y 7,5 cm. De pelo humano sobre la piel (2003)
How d´ye do? (2010)