Glenda León

“Meaning lies in the interstices between the visible and the invisible, sound and silence, the ephemeral and the eternal … Like magic, art is an act of transformation, which sometimes simply means creating coincidences.” Glenda León
Described as lyrical conceptualism, Glenda León’s oeuvre has expanded from drawing to video art and includes installation, objects, sound and photography. Made with hairs, chewing gum, flowers, cassette tapes or vinyl records, texts, sounds and sometimes even silence, her pieces are a constant reminder of the human condition, of our longings and fears, our excesses and emptiness, our uncertainties and our transcendence.



Cada respiro (2015)
Cada respiro (2015)
El horizonte del pobre II (2014)
Música concreta (2015)
Espejismos (2010)
Alce iluminado. Espejismos (2010)
Objeto mágico N. 5 (2005-2012)
Objeto mágico N. 3 (2005-2012)