Gerardo Custance

I’m not sure if I chose photography or photography chose me. […] The moment I first developed in black and white, experienced the laboratory’s magic, and saw how an image appeared on white paper in a liquid … that’s when I began to fall in love with this medium.
[…] I relate to photography through reflection, pause and the time I dedicate to the photographic act. I try to choose my landscapes really well and then I use them to construct the images. And that takes me walking to find places. Once I’ve found them, I return to capture them in optimal lighting or environmental conditions, trying to find the most interesting way of communicating the emotion that landscape, that space, makes me feel, which I want to convey to the observer who ultimately views the piece.
[…] I feel, in a way, like a witness who’s creating a series of testimonies or records of the footprints mankind is leaving on the world in the times I live in.”


Paradoxe. Serie Spirale (2013)
Brouillard Rose. Serie Spirale (2014)
Jeux d´enfants. Serie Spirale (2013)
Dispute. Serie Spirale (2013)
Hani Beach. Serie Yellow Sea (2010)
Fête. Serie Spirale (2013)
Trillo. Serie Perímetro (2008)
Arcos de Jalón. Serie Perímetro (2009)