Andrea Canepa

I’ve always been fascinated by our eagerness to simplify the complexity of the world in an attempt to control things beyond our understanding. We tend to categorise, organise and manage reality as if it were a set of independent, unrelated phenomena, creating a system that we accept as natural.
My work involves altering the order of elements within these systems, applying new and different organisational criteria. The goal of this modification is to liberate certain meanings that have been concealed by the imposition of a logic presumed to be the “right” one. I want to reveal the hidden principles that drive every organisation and their ideological implications. The way we understand time, represent space and structure our everyday lives is defined by norms that we don’t necessarily have to agree with.
Through my work, I try to show that the regularity of the world is merely the product of one set of rules, rules that might have been different. In other words, I attempt to point out that every organisational logic, regardless of its nature, could be different.



Todas las calles del año (2015)
A second chance to rephrase the question (2013)
A second chance to rephrase the question (2014)
Arquitecturas del Futuro Pasado, 2205 y 2220 (2015)
Workday (2015)
Untitled (Flags) (2014)
Connect the dots (2014)
Anschauung (2016)