About Oral Memories


The Oral Memories Project aims to be a platform for the national and international promotion of emerging and mid-career artists. This project has been created through a series of audiovisual interviews. The artists talk about the aesthetic and conceptual approaches that the creative projects bring together in their work.

By including all these artists on one website, the project aims to achieve better knowledge and access to the artists. It allows a comprehensive and kaleidoscopic vision of Spanish contemporary creation, and thus becomes a helpful tool for institutions, curators and international collectors.

To launch the project, an initial selection of emerging and mid-career artists was made in 2012-2013. The selection criteria was based on two objectives: art critic support and national and international relevance of exhibited projects in recent years.

This first selection is being expanded upon each year with the addition of new artists. We aim to make this website one of the most important resources for the knowledge of Spanish contemporary artists.